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About Kangaro

Kangaro Punching Machine Company’s fundamental business belief is to use its products to organize people’s lives and enterprises. As one of the biggest producers and distributors of stationery tools worldwide, Kangaro company specialty is precise engineering. Its R&D facility has the newest technology and highly qualified engineers to create goods of the highest caliber.

Kangaro is a massive corporate company, that consists of eight production facilities and is anchored by almost 4000 employees. Their extensive six-decade business history supports both our expanding business network and loyal clients.

KGOC: Parent Organization

The brands, Kangaro, Miles, Munix, and Kohe, represent over 60 years of inventive and high-precision goods that enable people to ‘Join, Fix, or Cut’ and have been organizing businesses and fostering creativity around the world for decades. KGOC is among the biggest producers and suppliers of high-grade staples, paper punches, tape dispensers, gun tackers, tape tools, industrial staples, staple removers, cutter knives & blades, pneumatic tools, scissors, kitchen essentials, and more. The unified symbolism of the KGOC brand logo represents adaptability and boundless opportunities to forge a new future.

Brand Kangaro Legacy

In 1958, Brand Kangaro was founded to enable individuals and companies to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity. Six decades later, it remains the market leader in consumer and business stationery categories. It has clients that include some of the most renowned corporate accounts and major international retail chains, and we are present in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Kangaro Punching Machine Manufacturing Process

Kangaro Punching Machine Company employs more than 4,000 people across eight production plants spread throughout six industrial hubs in India. These facilities have state-of-the-art precision engineering machinery. Every unit is vertically integrated, meaning that every manufacturing process from the production of simple single-piece components to intricate multi-part assemblies is handled internally.

KGOC Research & Development Centre

To create high-quality tooling jigs and fixtures, KGOC has a fully furnished research and development center and an ultra-modern tool room with the newest facilities, gear, and equipment. This makes it possible for KGOC to produce finished goods of the necessary worldwide standard. The R&D center and its more than 200 quality engineers aim to deliver innovation and design breakthroughs that enhance the unwavering quality standards we have set for ourselves while also making life easier.

Top 5 Kangaro Punching Machine Products


1. Staplers

The Kangaro Punching Machine Company offers a large selection of contemporary, robust staplers with a variety of stapling capacities, high-quality steel components, and plastic or metal bodies. At home or in the business, using sturdy staplers makes work easier and more enjoyable.

2. Paper Punches

There are numerous robust and dependable paper punches with different punching capacities, ranging from one to four holes. Most paper punches come with extra features like a removable chip tray and guide bar, which will help you complete your work more quickly and accurately.

3. Staple Removers

A variety of sturdy, long-lasting staple removers with the best finish and design for quickly and effortlessly taking out staples without causing any damage to paper.

4. Staples

For improved stapling accuracy and precision, we provide powerful, high-quality staples in a variety of sizes and types that work with a variety of staplers and tackers.
Retail Packs

5. Retail Packs

Check out Kangaro Punching Machine Company’s incredible selection of gift packs for their stationery products, which are ideal for trade promotion campaigns in a variety of industries. Depending on the MOQs, they can also offer customized packaging based on customer requests.

Customer Testimonials

Every step of the Kangaro Factory’s operations is driven by a quality culture that inspires its production technology. Consumers enjoy the product’s age range, quality, and performance. Here are some Kangaro product ratings and reviews from Flipkart and Amazon.

Awards And Certificates

(ITPO)India Trade Promotion Organization

For Outstanding Presentation of a Special Display on Good Living at the Pragati Maidan-hosted India International Trade Fair in 2002

Specialty tools & Fasteners Distributors Association

Stafoa Associate
Kangaro Industries Limited

EEPC (Engineering Export Promotion Council)

Star Performer Award for Exceptional Support of Engineering Exports in the Product Category. Other Manufactured Metal goods, Except Equipment and Machinery, Large Organization.

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